Who’s Greenfoureyes

Greenfoureyes is, first of all, a way of life, a state of heart, a genetic aptitude.

Greenfoureyes is an “handmade gardener” with his own idea of the world, of the things who loves and, also, with some – but really little! – imperfections; he’s careful and meticulous and he’s always ready to learn by other people but, actually, before starting to do something, he needs to verify the informations personally… and only if the explanation is persuasive!

Greenfoureyes is green because he loves gardening, beautiful landscapes and the nature all around the human things, with astonished soul and enthusiastic behaviour.

Greenfoureyes likes gardens well-finished, but not perfect; he delights in private gardens more than in majestic ones; he feels joyful for a new blossom in a secret corner or when he’s able to observe the tiny improvements of his own garden.

He’s foureyes because, like “puffo quattrocchi” (do you know the blue character, with the glasses, of the cartoon “Smurf”?), he has a strong opinion about what’s right and what’s wrong but, sometimes, he feels a little bit misunderstood by his friends.

In any case, who loves Greenfoureyes knows that all his actions are aimed to create a better world around his companions, through green and natural solutions.

If you arrived here, you love – maybe – the same aspirations of Greenfoureyes and you could have the wish to share with him your ideas, experiences, thoughts, opinions and – why not? – also your projects.

Welcome to  Greenfoureyesland!